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The #IamAAPPR campaign is centered around highlighting individual members, corporate contributors, strategic partners and programs. We want to make a connection with recruitment professionals who are looking to take the next step in advancing their careers, by letting our members do the talking. The campaign celebrates the contributions our members make in their communities each day to advance health care.

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In celebration of our members and corporate contributors, we want to hear from you! AAPPR wants to know what makes being a part of AAPPR special – what makes you say, “I am AAPPR!” Your answers could be featured in AAPPR’s upcoming campaign!

Please review the questions at the link below and answer to any or all that may apply.

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Ways to get involved

AAPPR is a committed partner in advancing recruitment professionals and their careers by connecting the best and the brightest across the country through partnership, mentorship and ample networking opportunities.

AAPPR is asking members and partners to do the talking. AAPPR continues to listen to offer a deeper understanding to the needs of the recruitment to retention continuum. Members are our central purpose, mission and vision. We provide members with the data-driven tools and resources they need to stand out as an expert in the profession.

You can download the Campaign Toolkit to learn about ways you can help move the #IamAAPPR message forward.





Interested in joining?

AAPPR Membership is open to anyone directly involved in, or influencing, recruitment, onboarding and retention for a health system, hospital, network, specialty hospital, specialty practice group or physicians group.

Employees from third-party search firms or those affiliated with a third-party search firm are not eligible for AAPPR membership. AAPPR encourages all third-party search firms, staffing agencies, and physician recruitment vendors to support the physician and provider recruitment profession by becoming AAPPR Corporate Contributors.

AAPPR reserves the right to deny membership to those who do not meet the eligibility criteria. AAPPR memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.

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We want your honest feedback. Share your reviews about programs, membership, benefits, and the connections you make.


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There is absolutely nothing better than being with fellow recruiters who understand your industry and can offer support, wisdom, and laughs like AAPPR can.
— Sasha Randolph
Exposure to the dynamics your colleagues face in different parts of the country provides a more comprehensive understanding of the common and unique challenges we all face in physician recruiting.
— Ronnie Shaw
The AAPPR Conference is a value-add to any Physician Recruiter regardless of experience. Whether you are new to the role or have been in the role for many years, the networking and training opportunities provided at this event allow physician recruiters to sharpen our skills to find exceptional candidates that are the best fit for our organizations and serve our communities in the field of medicine.
— Anonymous
Being an active member of AAPPR I am always equipped and up-to-date with the best recruitment and retention practices. Staying on the forefront of trends I have been able to generate much success in our field and as a result have received several promotions.
— Fayeann Hurley MHS, FASPR

Introducing the #iamAAPPR Campaign

September 9, 2020

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