Redefining Recruitment to Retention

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AAPPR offers a variety of subject matter experts on all facets of the recruitment continuum including onboarding and retention.

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Advancing Physician and Provider Recruitment

A  Conversation With AAPPR’s CEO

A versatile and dynamic speaker, Carey Goryl, MSW, CAE, CEO , brings a wealth of experience to AAPPR. From strategic engagement to enhancing the recruitment continuum, Carey addresses the most pressing issues impacting recruitment professionals and health care leadership.

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Carey Goyl

Suggested Speakers and Topics

Below are links to our featured speakers and sample content areas of specialty. Don’t see the topic you need? Don’t worry. We can design a custom presentation for your audience.

  • Physician and Provider Audiences

    AAPPR offers knowledgeable speakers with decades of experience in recruiting, onboarding, and retaining physicians and advanced practice providers. We are the experts at relationships that allow systems, hospitals, clinics, and practices to thrive in the business of health while providing critical patient care. AAPPR speakers can speak to a variety of topics to a multitude of health-related audiences. 

  • Recruitment Professional Audiences

    For those professionals working in the recruitment continuum, from sourcing to retention, we have decades of experience bringing you everything from how to get started as a new recruiter to effectively managing and structuring your teams for success. 

  • Health Care Leadership Audiences

    In-house recruiters have a direct impact on the quality of providers health care organizations hire, and thereby the quality of care delivered to their communities. Health care leadership can benefit from a wide array of topics such as the business of recruitment, creating efficient and revenue-generating recruitment teams, onboarding your providers for retention, and more. 

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