Redefining Recruitment to Retention

Who is AAPPR?

AAPPR is the leading voice in the physician and provider recruitment continuum. The Association offers its members and the industry thought-leadership on all topics related to healthcare recruitment, onboarding, and retention. For the past 29 years, the Association of Staff Physician Recruiters (ASPR) has been the leader in Physician and Provider Recruitment. Starting out as a small association they quickly grew to over 400 members in 8 years. Today, rebranded as AAPPR, they boast close to 2,000 members redefining recruitment to retention.

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Our Mission

At AAPPR, our mission is to impact health care access through education, research, and the elevation of the physician and provider recruitment industry. We empower industry experts through education, research, and engagement.



Strategic Imperatives

By embracing these imperatives, AAPPR impacts healthcare access through education, research, and industry elevation, with a vision of ensuring everyone has access to care. Our values of Respect, Equity, Collaboration, Responsibility, Understanding, Inclusion, and Trust (RECRUIT) underpin our commitment to these strategic goals.

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  • Driving Industry Change Recognized as an industry leader by healthcare executives, recruitment professionals, staffing agencies, and governmental agencies, AAPPR will continue to shape the future of recruitment practices and advance the industry forward.
  • Peer Support & Empowerment AAPPR offers an engaging and welcoming membership experience through networking, career development, certification, and affiliate alignment, providing customizable, responsive, and adaptable solutions and experiences.
  • Championing a diverse, equitable, and inclusive physician and provider workforce AAPPR is an inclusive and diverse community of recruitment professionals that bring hiring and retention diversity to their organizations to address disparities while creating equity in healthcare.
  • A Thriving Community As a growing and thriving community, AAPPR is proud to be a diverse tapestry of recruitment professionals, corporate partners, and representatives of the industry and the people within it.

Meet our Board of Directors

As an association we’re looking for diversity in thought, perspective and experience to serve on the board.  We’re looking for people who are eager to peer into the future, who are regularly scanning their environment and who want to leverage their own insight for the betterment of the members of this association.

We accept board applications year-round. You can submit your nomination anytime.

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Carey Goryl, MSW, CAE, CPRP


Liz Mahan, CPRP

Director of Professional Development and Solutions

Nichole Dennis, CMP

Director Of Membership and Program Services

Alysia Gradney, MA, CDMP, PCM-DM

Senior Marketing Manager

Amy Bergethon

Senior Member Services Specialist

Amber Feldpausch, CMP, CTA

Senior Event Manager

Lauren Ellis, MSW

Member Engagement Specialist

Riley Deneau

Creative Services Manager

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