Redefining Recruitment to Retention

Mentorship Program

The AAPPR mentor program is a way to support our members with their professional development needs by facilitating and establishing mentoring relationships. The program is designed around cohorts that pair mentees and mentors to work together over an eight-week time period. Interested mentees and mentors will be asked to apply for a given cohort and will be matched with a partner that best meets the skills and knowledge they hope to gain through the program.

The first 2024 Mentor Match cohort is under way! Be sure to check back for details on our next cohort later in 2024!

Mentor Benefits

Be a leader in the physician and provider recruitment profession and contribute your knowledge for the future.

Become a Mentor

  • Gain Exposure to the growing, emerging talent pool
  • Ongoing Attention to your own career development
  • Satisfaction in sharing your wisdom and experience with others
  • Enhancement of Coaching leadership, and management skills
  • Exposure to a Diversity of thought, style, personality, and culture
  • Recruit Employees for the mentor's industry/company
  • Greater Knowledge of recruiting success factors
  • Opportunity to Reflect on your goals and practices

Mentee Benefits

Enhance your career and gain knowledge from experienced leaders in the industry.

Become a Mentee

  • Access to a Support system during critical stages of career development
  • Insider Perspective on navigating their chosen career
  • Clear Understanding and enhancement of academic and career development plans
  • Ability to Develop mentoring relationships where mentoring may not be readily available through your employer
  • Identifying the Importance of mentors and what they provide to your development
  • Exposure to Diverse perspectives and experiences
  • Access to Power resources within the profession of physician and provider recruitment
  • Greater Knowledge of career success factors