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The AAPPR benchmarking report is designed to provide credible industry data to help in-house recruitment professionals prepare, plan, and forecast. This report includes physician and provider search information plus recruitment staff profiles and compensation figures. The information in the PDF report provides an “abridged” view of the survey results. The online portal offers a complete view of the results through its; Advanced Search tools, Days to Fill Calculator, Recruiter Compensation Calculator and Interactive Infographics.

The online portal allows users to segment data to reveal findings and provide tools that will enable insights for process refinement and strategy development. View our 2019 in-house physician benchmarking infographic to learn more about our report.

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The 2019 AAPPR In-House Physician and Provider Recruitment Benchmarking Report represents a total of 146 organizations (organizations are listed in the appendix) and provides data for 492 in-house physician recruiters and 10,139 active searches.  In short, organizations are doing more searches than ever before, and they are hiring more in-house physician recruiters as a result.   The information was collected and confidentially prepared by Industry Insights, Inc.

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Benchmarking Portal

Advanced Search Tool |  Cut your data to precisely segment and create benchmarks that most closely match their circumstances or areas of interest.

Recruitment Staff Compensation Calculator | Predict compensation ranges, based on parameters such as years of experience, education, primary role, etc.

Days to Fill Calculator | Predict the number of days necessary to fill a search based on factors such as the specialty, the area’s desirability, the organization’s size, number of recruiters, etc.

Interactive Infographics | A collection of images, charts, and minimal text to give users significant amounts of data in a concise, easy-to-use format.

How to Participate

AAPPR invites anyone directly involved or anyone who influences the recruitment, onboarding, or retention continuum as a member of that organization’s staff to share their search statistics from the previous year.  The online portal allows contributors to share their data through simple excel uploads or manual entry.  All responses are kept secure and confidential through our partner Industry Insights Inc.  The collection period opens in February, and the report is published no later than October of each year.

The benefits of taking the survey include free access to the report, advanced search tools, and calculators while contributing to the overall advancement of the profession to learn through detailed, comprehensive market data.

The Benchmarking Survey is now closed.

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