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Locum Tenens Credentialing

CompHealth, an inaugural member of our strategic corporate partnership program, is a leader in locum tenens and permanent physician staffing. CompHealth collaborated with AAPPR on a research project to better understand the common pain points in credentialing locum tenens physicians. A total of 376 people responded to the research project, with responsibilities in recruiting, credentialing, on-boarding, and retention of locum tenens physicians. Interested in learning more? Download our recent survey results.

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Common Pain Points:
  • Incomplete or inaccurate paperwork which is critical to the process
  • Ineffective communication

    From agency during process or agency not understanding the facility’s process

  • Time delays in the process
  • Senior staff oversight instead of junior staff
  • Monitoring total spend

    Be honest in your invoice processing

  • Set minimum expectations for applications in order to be considered
  • Be wary of agencies

    Agencies can pre-populate applications for the physician and this can lead to unintended false information

  • Working with 3 or more agencies can quickly fill all of your time
  • Provide internal staff with good tools and systems
  • Communicate regularly with agency and credentialing teams

    Weekly huddle lead by recruitment team

Locum Toolkit

In response to a research project conducted by AAPPR and CompHealth, to identify common pain points in working with locum tenens physicians, AAPPR and CHG Healthcare–CompHealth’s parent company–partnered to create a task force.  The task force brings together subject matter experts from AAPPR and leaders in locum tenens and permanent physician staffing from CHG.  The goal of the task force is to collaborate on the creation of materials and resources to assist recruitment professionals in working with locum tenens physicians.

Locums Toolkit Overview


Credentialing with Confidence


Choosing A Locums Agency


Understanding Locums Contracts


Best Practices for Planning for Locums



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