Redefining Recruitment to Retention

April 22-28, 2024

Physician and Provider Recruitment Professionals Week will be celebrated on April 22-28, 2024! This special week recognizes those professionals who are directly involved in or who influence recruitment, onboarding and retention for a health system, hospital, network, specialty hospital, specialty practice group or physicians’ group.


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AAPPR wants to hear your stories and thoughts about the importance of the week! Whether you’re a physician and provider recruitment professional, or just someone who works closely with them, we want to hear from you! Here are some prompts to get you thinking!

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I'm so proud of what we as Physician Recruitment Professionals bring to the table. We develop relationships with candidates to ensure a solid fit within the community and with the communities to ensure we bring the right people to the game. The work we do is important to the longevity of physicians in any given community.
— Jennifer Lynch, CPRP, CDR Senior Director, ScionHealth
I enjoy getting to assess and implement strategies that support the Provider Recruitment process. From sourcing to recruiting to onboarding it is a great opportunity to help find the right Physician and Provider Candidates that will support our organization and the patients we serve.
— Mary Hiltunen, MS Director of Provider Recruitment, Bellin Health
Prior to becoming a Physician's Recruiter for SSM Health in February of this year, I worked for 7 years in the staffing industry where the last 4 were spent sourcing and recruiting for clinics within the SSM network! In 2020, as if surviving a pandemic wasn't tough enough, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I am now registered to take the CPRP certification. We want SSM Health to be known as the continued leader in Physician & Provider Recruiting. Obtaining this certification will demonstrate even our staff is about continued education and excellence!
— Stacy Casaz Physician & Provider Recruiter, SSM Health St. Anthony
I love helping our organization by recruiting and retaining the best physicians and Advanced Practice Providers. I feel like my work is meaningful at so many levels. The candidates appreciate the work and assistance provided by the recruiter, the organization appreciates our work very much and the community is also appreciative when we bring new healthcare providers to our region. Being a Certified Physician Recruiter Professional has been very rewarding.
— Kris Yoder, CPRP Senior Physician and Advanced Provider Recruiter, Indiana University Health Arnett
I became a physician and provider recruitment professional because it gave me a chance to really enjoy what I love doing the most, making connections! The unique part of my job is helping the provider workforce needs in our rural and urban underserved areas of KS. My most memorable experience in this career is when I was able to recruit a general surgeon from Australia to Abilene, KS in the midst of COVID. The process took over a year to complete, but it was worth every minute of it! I want to thank so many of my AAPPR colleagues, and the AAPPR staff, who have given me the support I've needed over the last 6 years to become the recruitment professional I am today!
— Sasha Randolph, CPRP Recruitment and Retention Manager, Kansas Recruitment and Retention Center
I stumbled into this field on accident, but the universe works in mysterious ways and I am so grateful to have found what turns out to be my niche. It is important for me to spend my time doing purposeful and meaningful work and hiring the providers that will care for my friends, family and community could not be more meaningful. The most rewarding thing about my role, is hearing real time stories about the providers I have hired who have gone above and beyond to care for a patient, making all the difference in their life and the outcome of their ailment or illness.
— Logan Ebbets, MS, CPRP Senior Provider Recruiter, Cooley Dickinson Health Care
  • Why did you chose to become a physician and provider recruitment professional?
  • What makes physician and provider recruitment professionals unique?
  • What’s the most memorable experience you’ve had in your career as a physician and provider recruitment professional?
  • Give a shout out to a colleague (or take it a step further and nominate them)
  • Why do you support professionals who work in physician and provider recruitment?
  • What value does a physician and provider recruitment professional bring to you?
  • Tell us about a memory you have with a physician and provider recruitment professional
  • Give a shout out to a physician and provider recruitment professional!

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We’re excited to celebrate the second annual Physician and Provider Recruitment Professionals Week! Let’s build on last year’s success and make this event even bigger and better! Join us in acknowledging the incredible impact recruitment professionals have on our communities and organizations.

Together, one candidate at a time, we’re continuing to transform healthcare in our communities. Don’t miss out – participate and make this year’s celebration memorable!


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Recruitment Professional Nominations

We asked you to nominate a recruitment professional who goes above and beyond or inspired you in your career. We received these incredible short stories and notes of gratitude during the 2022 celebration.