Redefining Recruitment to Retention

Locum Tenens Management Certificate Course

The cost of mismanaging a locum tenens placement is not only the time lost but thousands of dollars in revenue if billing is not done correctly. Additionally, the communication challenges between recruitment staff and credentialing staff can add to the administrative burden and speed of hiring when time is crucial. To address the challenges members encounter when tasked with managing the locums’ process, AAPPR has partnered with CHG Healthcare and LocumsMart to develop a certificate course in Locum Tenens Management.

Through this course, participants will be able to engage with instructors and colleagues to learn the many nuances of the locum process and gain crucial skills and knowledge to lead the locum management process within their organizations.


  • $699 for members
  • $899 for non-members

Locum Tenens Management Certificate Course!

Wednesday, November 16
The Alexander
Indianapolis, Indiana

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