Redefining Recruitment to Retention

Foundations of Recruitment Certificate Course

Discover the ins and outs of in-house recruitment, gain best practices, and master strategies to build trust with potential candidates. Become an effective and invaluable member of any recruitment team. This course is specifically designed as a roadmap for newcomers to provider recruitment.

What does it offer?

Course participants will gain knowledge on how to:


  • Identify and understand the key stages of the recruitment continuum, from sourcing to retention.


  • Skillfully employ diverse sourcing channels to discover high-quality candidates to build a robust candidate pipeline.


  • Implement proven strategies for screening and interviewing candidates effectively.


  • Identify and apply best practices for physician retention to build a well-structured onboarding process.

Whether you’re new to recruitment or want to empower your team, this course dives deep into the recruitment continuum. Gain valuable insights, strategies, and best practices. Enhance your career and recruitment success.

Upon completion of the course attendees will:


  • Know how to effectively source and attract candidates while building a strong candidate pipeline.


  • Uncover interviewing skills to assess candidates accurately and identify the best-fit candidates for your organization.


  • Learn how to navigate the entire recruitment continuum, from candidate sourcing to onboarding, for a more efficient and effective process.


  • Gain confidence in their ability to negotiate employment terms and close successful recruitment deals with prospective providers.


  • Explore best practices and strategies for onboarding and retaining recruited providers.


  • $149 for members
  • $249 for non-members


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Foundations of Recruitment Certificate Course!

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