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ROAR is the respected educational publication for the AAPPR membership and healthcare community. The publication focuses on the professions of physician, provider, physician assistant, and advanced practice registered nurse recruitment through aggregated industry information, analysis of future and current trends, legislative news, and the sharing of best practices. ROAR is published two times per year in the spring and fall with an approximate electronic distribution of 5,000 professionals. ROAR and all of its archives are an AAPPR membership benefit. The current issue is available to the public until the next issue is published.

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Investing in Professional Development

Many of us enter the world of recruitment professionals because we possess certain skills or personality traits. There really isn’t a specified path for the work that we do. However, as professionals, we must continue to learn and hone our skills. From personal and professional development to networking, how have you learned the skills necessary to be successful? What was your path to the profession? What resources do you rely on to further your professional development? We would love to hear your story.

Educating Each Other

At AAPPR, we consistently hear that networking and connecting with fellow recruitment professionals is a key benefit of AAPPR membership. How has networking with other recruitment professionals through AAPPR impacted your career? Have you been able to leverage connections with other members to complete a challenging project? Have you participated in AAPPRs Mentor Match program? Learning from each other is a key benefit of AAPPR membership, and we would love to hear about your experience.

Innovating for the Future

As physician and provider recruitment professionals, we continually strive to innovate new ways to bring top talent to our communities. Have you or your team completed a project that has improved your organization’s sourcing, interview, or offer process? Did your organization recently create a formal onboarding program? Has your team developed an innovative retention strategy? We want to hear how you and your team are innovating and preparing for the future.

The Recruitment Professional of the Future

Advancing is at the core of AAPPRs mission and, as recruitment professionals and association members, we are consistently seeking ways to advance in the profession. In the last eighteen months alone, our industry has experienced massive shifts, many of which have permanently changed how we do our jobs. Looking into the future, how do you see our profession continuing to advance? What does the recruitment professional of the future look like? What are the skills and knowledge the successful professional will need to possess? How will we learn and advance our industry in the future? We want to hear from you what the future of physician and provider recruitment will look like.

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