Redefining Recruitment to Retention

AAPPR Members Stand Together

“As president of AAPPR, I champion the advancement of our profession through the development of our members.”

Lynne Peterson, CPRP, is the Senior Director and Ambassador of Provider Recruitment and Retention at Bluestone Physician Services. Reflecting on what AAPPR means to her, Lynne states, “AAPPR members are unique in that they start the physician and provider recruitment process at a different place and a different perspective – from inside the health care setting. They are mission-driven. In-house recruiters know their communities. They are dedicated to bringing quality care to their friends, neighbors, and families.”

Furthermore, Lynne believes that in-house recruitment professionals genuinely care about the entire process of placing physicians and providers in their health care system. “There is a sound and effective methodology that our recruiters adhere to; there is concern about fitting into the culture, the community, about how their children or family would like it.” In-house recruiters are dedicated to ensuring that providers have all the information they need to make the best employment decisions for themselves.

“Advancing the recruitment profession has been especially important during this time of constant change in health care and response to the Covid-19 pandemic,” says Lynne. “AAPPR members stand together, and that makes us resilient – our organization continues to listen to our members, partners, and peers to understand the changes in the health care landscape as it relates to provider recruitment. #IamAAPPR!”