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Thanks for Your Role in #IamAAPPR

At the end of a successful campaign, we like to look back, evaluate and measure success. It is also a great opportunity to say thank you to those who participated and engaged. We are grateful that at the close of the #IamAAPPR campaign, we can do both things.

Throughout the three-month campaign, we saw an increase in website traffic to and in followers across all AAPPR’s social media platforms – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Not only was there a boost in our followers, but the overall user engagement was at levels we had not seen since March, before the COVID-19 pandemic. There was even an up-tick each month in both new AAPPR memberships and partnerships.

What does this tell us? That even during a global pandemic, when there is a high likelihood for social media burnout and general inbox exhaustion, with the health care community taxed, AAPPR members were continually inspired to respond, comment and share – to be an active part of the campaign. The key reason for this engagement and inspiration, without question, was all the great stories shared by our members and partners. Both in the number of stories told and in the depth of their individual expression, your IamAAPPR stories defined this campaign and is what made it so compelling.

Whether you liked a post or shared your story, it is our sincere hope that you found new value in your AAPPR membership. Your enthusiastic engagement and willingness to spread the word about AAPPR is the essential foundation for a successful campaign. After all, there is always a need for inspiration and we look forward to hearing the next great IamAAPPR story.