Redefining Recruitment to Retention

The Unique Skill and Care Provided by AIR

What is an Academic In-House Recruiter (AIR)? Several definitions seem to apply. A niche group within a niche group in the world of physician and provider recruitment. An often overlooked and behind the scenes, yet critical component of today’s complex health care industry. The invaluable connectors between the hospitals, faculty, researchers, and the healers.

Officially, AIR is a Shared Interest Group (SIG) of the Association for Advancing Physician and Provider Recruitment (AAPPR). AIR’s membership consists of in-house recruiters across the nation who ac into faculty-affiliated jobs, either at their respective university, affiliated hospitals, or groups. The organization is dedicated to empowering the advancement of academic recruiters through networking opportunities, education, creating a platform for research and articles, promotion of member facilities to residents and fellows, and serving as a collaborative organization for support of members.

“This special sub-group of physician recruiters faces a daunting set of additional challenges and serve an incredibly important part of medicine in our country. AAPPR works every day to remain a trusted resource for information, advocacy and support,” said Carey Goryl, MSW, CAE, CEO of AAPPR.

All physician recruiters help hospitals run smoothly and help reduce red tape within administration offices by making sure the best physicians in the country are hired and then retained. However only AIR members are tasked with finding top physicians also seeking faculty roles and leadership positions on research teams.

AAPPR understands the importance of a career dedicated to recruiting talented, passionate individuals to academic medicine. It is our mission to provide tools and services to meet the needs of our members. Academic In-House Recruiters who join AAPPR receive a quarterly rotation of membership calls, webinars and the “AIRmail” newsletter to share information. Membership in AAPPR brings academic recruiters together to share ideas, strategies and information to create further awareness of academic opportunities among physicians. Any member of AAPPR can join the Academic In-House Recruiters at any time for no additional cost.

Further AIR goals are to:

  • Bring academic recruitment professionals together to share ideas and strategies
  • Educate academic leaders about marketing trends in academic recruitment
  • Use information shared among the group members to benchmark efficiently
  • Create awareness of academic opportunities among physicians and providers
  • Elevate the role of the academic physician recruitment role in academic healthcare organizations

For those who have come to understand the strength in numbers that comes with a membership in AAPPR and AIR, it’s the perfect time to join and invite others to embrace the #IamAAPPR campaign.

A unified mentality is at the heart of every successful organization. When we work together, we can elevate the recruitment profession and encourage others to support, join or otherwise positively influence our organization.


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