Redefining Recruitment to Retention

AAPPR Board Corner: Elevating Patient Care through Diversity in Healthcare Recruitment & Retention

By: Stephanie D. Wright, MSA, CMPE, CPRP


Diversity in the healthcare workforce is not just an ethical goal but a strategic necessity that improves patient care and advances community health. Healthcare providers from diverse backgrounds are better equipped to identify and address disparities in healthcare outcomes, offering culturally sensitive care that meets the needs of all demographics. As gatekeepers of workforce composition, recruitment professionals play a crucial role in creating an inclusive healthcare environment that serves our communities.

Five Diversity Recruitment & Retention Strategies

Elevating Retention Through Inclusive Environments

For AAPPR members, the balance between recruiting and retaining talent is paramount. Creating an inclusive workplace is critical; without it, healthcare organizations may face a costly cycle of turnover. Fostering a welcoming atmosphere that celebrates diversity is vital to ensure new professionals feel valued and engaged.

2. Cultivating Leadership from Within

It is essential to provide clear and accessible paths for career advancement to all employees working in your organization. Members of AAPPR can play a crucial role in promoting a transparent promotion process during interviews, ensuring the development of workflows that emphasize the importance of avoiding biases and creating an inclusive environment for hiring the best clinicians for your organization. This process starts by confirming diversity awareness and goals with all parties involved in making decisions related to job offers. An organizational-wide posting system is an excellent tool to democratize information about career advancement opportunities.

3. Crafting a Diversity-Friendly Brand

It’s important to remember that how people perceive your healthcare organization can have a big impact on how successful you are at recruiting new staff. In addition to formal advertising, members of AAPPR should also think about how the reputation of their organization spreads through word-of-mouth. Establishing a reputation for genuinely supporting diversity can be a powerful way to attract diverse talent.

4. Expanding Networks for Diverse Talent Engagement

Networking plays a vital role in creating successful diversity recruitment and retention strategies. As AAPPR members, it is essential to build strong connections not only within the organization but also in the broader community. Do you have access to networks that can provide information about emerging talent among family members or those who have recently acquired new skills? These relationships are crucial for creating a diverse pool of candidates and should be a priority for AAPPR members who want to improve the diversity of their healthcare teams.

5. A Proactive Approach to Diversity

AAPPR members are uniquely positioned to advocate for proactive recruitment and retention strategies. They can achieve this by encouraging diverse workplaces, ensuring that advancement opportunities are visible and accessible, building strong networks, and enhancing their organization’s reputation. By doing so, AAPPR members can steer their organizations toward a future with a dynamic and inclusive workforce.

AAPPR Champions Diversity 

Diversity plays a crucial role in driving innovation, as it brings in a range of experiences and ideas, leading to improved problem-solving and medical breakthroughs. Recruitment professionals can promote fair hiring practices and implement intentional strategies that create a healthcare system reflective of the society it serves.

AAPPR has a strategic plan in place to educate recruiters on diversity best practices, equipping them to attract and retain a diverse workforce. Our members play a pivotal role in this mission by ensuring that the workforce reflects and embraces the patients in the communities they serve.

Through our strategic plan, AAPPR is leading by example, demonstrating that the commitment to diversity is more than just a strategic priority—it is a defining principle for the future of healthcare and recruiting the Clinical Provider workforce of tomorrow.