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AAPPR Board Corner: Bringing Vision to Life

By: Emerson Moses, MBA, CPRP-DEI


As the year winds down and the seasons shift, it’s a natural time for reflection, and this year holds special significance for me as my tenure on the Board will soon come to an end. But before we embark on that transition, I’m excited to highlight the victories of this year, driven by our unwavering commitment to our Mission, Vision, and Values, which are charting a course for our future.

Our AAPPR community has surged to over 2,300 members, and we’ve witnessed the formalization of several affiliates into Shared Interest Groups (SIGs). Just last month, we gathered our AAPPR Team, Board, SIG, and Affiliate Leaders in Ft. Lauderdale, not only to ponder the future but also to share the remarkable strides we’ve already made as an Association. And there’s much to celebrate!

At the end of 2022 I shared that we had secured a media relations firm to help further position the Association and our members as THE thought leaders in our space. With that addition, as well as adding a Senior Marketing Manager in Alysia Gradney to the AAPPR team, our media influence continues to grow. As of December 1st, the Association has remarkably secured a 22% market share of voice through our strategic marketing and communication endeavors. This encompasses sharing invaluable research, establishing AAPPR members and staff as distinguished thought leaders, and nurturing connections with journalists to solidify our position as the leading authority in Physician and Advanced Practice Provider Recruitment, Onboarding, and Retention.

AAPPR has expanded our reach into fresh dialogues with C-Suite leaders, healthcare media, and the public. Our AAPPR Benchmarking report has garnered attention from respected publications like Becker’s Hospital Review, Becker’s ASC Review, Staffing Industry Analysts, and Medical Economics, potentially reaching an audience of 168.4 million people! Board members are slated to speak at the 2024 HIMSS Conference, with more speaking opportunities in the pipeline. AAPPR and its leaders are also participating in interviews with several leading healthcare publications, and even being invited to participate in an IMG taskforce recently in Washington, DC.

This year was also a strategic planning year for the Board of Directors, and you can find that Strategic Plan, along with our updated Mission, Vision & Values on the AAPPR website. The strategic planning process entails months of gathering input from and listening to our strategic partners, our volunteer leadership, our members and our staff. The five-year roadmap projects a vision for the future that will serve to inspire us to create a world where everyone has access to care, guided by our core values of Respect, Equity, Collaboration, Responsibility, Understanding, Inclusion and Trust (RECRUIT).

These are just a few of the many accomplishments, initiatives, and visions that have come to life this year. I could fill months with all we’ve achieved. Ultimately, I’m immensely proud of this Association—a Board of Directors who have joined me on this journey with a collaborative line of sight to the future, a CEO and staff who enthusiastically steer this train for us, and our members who, day in and day out, excel in their roles with unwavering passion. My gratitude runs deeper than any words on paper could possibly convey.

With the annual conference just around the corner, my time on the Board will come to an end but AAPPR in 2024 and beyond promises to continue the trajectory of influence, impact and expertise! Anticipate more white papers, an expanded media presence, and an unceasing commitment to delivering the solutions you need to excel and make a lasting impact in your communities. And don’t forget that registration is now open for the Annual AAPPR Conference in Virginia Beach, featuring Keynote speakers Doyin Richards and Amelia Nagoski—don’t miss out on early bird specials!

As we enter this winter season, take a moment to reflect on your own accomplishments and the exceptional work you do. Enjoy time with your loved ones, embrace your traditions, and celebrate yourselves. Because it is all of you who bring AAPPR’s Vision to life.