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AAPPR Board Corner: A Message from the Incoming President…

By: Emerson Moses
Incoming President, AAPPR


Wow, what a year it has been! I don’t know about you, but I’ve experienced the full gamut of emotions over the past year – excitement, anxiety, fear, joy, (pandemic) fatigue, hope. After a year of social distancing, not seeing family and loved ones, or traveling, I am eager for the summer and the adventures and reunions that will hopefully come with it as we start to get back to “normal,” whatever that looks like moving forward. I am also very excited to be starting my term as President of the Board for AAPPR and am so, so grateful for the leadership and guidance of Lynne Peterson over the past two years. I know I speak on behalf of the entire Board when I say thank you to Lynne for all that she has done to advance our profession.

We have a lot to look forward to this year, including the launch of our new Diversity, Equity, and  Inclusion Committee. As a Board, the topic of diversity, equity, and inclusion is important to us. We’re committed to openness and change to ensure our organization creates and supports a space for everyone. This also means that regardless of organization type or role within our industry, I want every member to know that their voice is needed to make the work of AAPPR even better. We must become more inclusive – from membership make-up to the perspectives and experiences you bring to the table. As health care changes and evolves, so do the opportunities within our profession and the scope of how we do our work. I want AAPPR to learn, listen and lead on behalf of its members and on behalf of the advancement of our profession. We have so much to learn from each other!

Speaking of advancement, nothing elevates the position of a recruitment professional more than being informed and ready with data. This year, more than ever, participation in the Benchmark Study is critical. It’s the first year of data collection post-Covid. Data collected and reported in this year’s survey will provide unprecedented insight. The survey is open until June 1st, so act fast!

One of the things that I have always loved about our association is our membership’s natural desire to network and collaborate. I recall attending my first [ASPR] conference many years ago and being so delighted to find like-minded individuals who struggled with the same challenges that I did and celebrated every single hire with the same excitement. In a world where our ability to meet in person has been hindered, it has been the Board’s priority to invest in and maximize our ability to educate and bring together our members in a virtual space. Round tables, webinars, and happy hours have been a big hit! The CPRP certification was launched virtually – and this year, we’re looking forward to developing micro-credential educational modules to further expand the educational offerings of the association.

AAPPR is a space where we come together to share our ideas and experiences. A network of like-minded individuals who collectively drive the advancement of our profession. We are the voice for the work that we do, and our mission as a Board is to continually leverage that voice and position you, our membership, as the industry experts within your organizations. Together we are stronger!