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Carey Goryl, MSW, CAE, CPRP
CEO of the Association for Advancing Physician and Provider Recruitment (AAPPR)


In the face of unique challenges and opportunities, we know you remain dedicated to moving the industry forward with innovative offerings and solutions. At AAPPR, we share the same commitment and produce research projects and key insights that empower recruitment teams. In the whirlwind of daily tasks that recruitment professionals face, from sourcing and interviewing to onboarding, our mission is to provide you with the tools to help you and your clients secure suitable candidates effectively. The ever-shifting physician and provider recruitment landscape demands fresh perspectives and adaptable strategies. You can be a key advisor by staying abreast of the latest industry data.

As your organization champions innovation in the industry, AAPPR stands beside you. The annual AAPPR Benchmarking Report offers insights and resources you need to navigate the recruitment landscape successfully. This comprehensive report comprises physician and provider search data from hundreds of health organizations representing thousands of active searches offering invaluable tools for your recruitment departments.

AAPPR’s Benchmarking Report showcases physician and provider recruitment trends for recruitment professionals and leadership teams. By also being familiar with the date, you reinforce your position as a forward-thinking advisor and organization. In the world of healthcare recruitment, where human interactions and emotions play a pivotal role, data becomes the compass, focusing on narratives and removing unconscious biases. Armed with both data and insight, you can help make informed decisions, enhancing your strategies, plans, and actions.

We applaud your unwavering dedication, resilience, and adaptability as recruitment professionals who leave an indelible mark on an industry that touches countless lives. As you develop tactics and strategies to help your clients, our goal is for the 2023 Benchmarking Report to be a tool used to help you achieve your goals and impact the communities we collectively serve.

For further insights into AAPPR’s In-House Physician and Provider Recruitment Benchmarking Report, which becomes available mid-October visit or contact your organizational marketing team, who may already have a copy.

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