Redefining Recruitment to Retention

Defining the Physician and Provider Recruitment Continuum

The process of recruiting physicians and advanced practice providers is highly nuanced. Recruitment professionals must leverage broad skills to attract, hire, and retain clinical talent. Did you know this process has a formal name? At the Association for Advancing Physician and Provider Recruitment, we refer to it as the Recruitment Continuum.

By definition, a continuum is a coherent whole characterized as a collection, sequence, or progression of values or elements varying by minute degrees. In other words, it represents a gradual progression from one point to another without distinct, sharp boundaries. Continuums are commonly used in various science, mathematics, and philosophy fields to understand and describe phenomena that vary across a spectrum rather than being discrete or categorical. In the field of physician and provider recruitment it represents the nuanced recruitment process that flows seamlessly from one phase to another.

For recruitment professionals, understanding and using the continuum concept helps them in a process where there is a gradual transition from one phase to another. This means there are no clear breaks or gaps between the different points on the continuum; the process should be smooth and incremental.

The Sequence

The provider recruitment continuum begins with sourcing and ends with retention.

Source: identifying and/or building a provider prospect pool and creating awareness of/interest in practice opportunities.

Screen: the internal process of pre-qualifying candidates to meet organizational/provider expectations, which may include interviews and site visits.

Select, Offer, and Hire: identifying and selecting the best-fit candidate through the extension and closing of an offer.

Onboard: the continuance of the recruitment process to meet onboarding timelines and standards, ensuring successful entry and integration into practice and community.

Retain: data analysis, strategic alignment, and program implementation with the intent of promoting provider satisfaction, resulting in increased retention.

A Seamless Candidate Experience

Through a continuum, candidates experience a seamless transition from one phase to another throughout the recruitment process, with no apparent breaks or gaps between the different stages. While recruitment professionals must leverage diverse skills to attract, hire, and retain clinical talent effectively, candidates must have an easy and smooth experience. By looking at the steps in the recruitment process as a continual progression, we can ensure that recruitment professionals can practice to the best of their ability and that candidates have a positive experience.