Redefining Recruitment to Retention

AAPPR Board Corner: Calibrating Your Recruitment Compass

By: Allan Cacanindin, CPRP, CDR
AAPPR President-Elect


Today’s physician and provider recruitment landscape has never been more filled with talent supply constraints, economic influencers and pressures, provider burnout, and the growing demand for our industry to be more agile and poised for success.

Just like you, I remain dedicated to advancing our mission-critical work and fueling the acceleration of transformation for our industry; but, as with each decision we make on a daily basis, we’re rooted in the guidance of data (along with some healthy intuition we’ve built over our experiences throughout the years)! Luckily, we have a trusted compass in our toolkit to help keep us on the right path – the AAPPR Benchmark Report. The 2023 survey report represents more than 150 organizations that participated in the extensive annual research study, representing more than 19,000 searches.

As a leader, I am accountable for ensuring our recruitment processes enable efficiency, high performance, and outstanding service excellence. Although a difficult journey, the benchmark report provides insightful aggregate data reported by leaders in our field to allow comparisons of our key performance indicators (KPIs) with those experienced across similar organizational types and sizes. From interview-to-hire ratios to time-to-fill, these data points play a contributing role in determining where a team’s performance gaps are and help to innovate timely solutions designed to create a competitive advantage for top talent.

AAPPR’s Benchmarking Report isn’t just about insightful numbers. It demonstrates the complex interconnectivity between strategic workforce development, timely matchmaking, and the contributions to an organization’s revenue stream. While at the same time, the report begs each of our perspectives for how best to impact the health care industry’s ability to drive care change and how to ensure a great cultural add to an organization as a whole. The report compels and empowers us to better understand the latest trends, identify creative solutions, and implement unique/demonstrated strategies that help move the population of available physicians and advanced practice providers from one practice to another across the United States.

Like a magnetized needle in a compass, the report points to best industry practices. And along that path are the experiences and the stories of the journey of this high-touch profession. While the path to our ultimate destination is never perfect, our ability to calibrate keeps us close to the right path we know will get us faster to our destination.

In today’s hustle and bustle, it’s easy to get distracted and off the path of best practices. Be sure to always calibrate your performance — check out the latest data and see how far on course you really are!