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AAPPR Board Corner: Numbers Don’t Tell the Entire Story – YOU DO!

By: Allan Cacanindin, CPRP, CDR

Doesn’t it seem like everything today is attached to some form of number? From stock market indices, labor workforce data, inflation rates…even mid-term election results, numbers can be found everywhere! Even running my computer as I type this post is based on numbers and highly complex computational algorithms.

Yet for all their worth, numbers are numbers, and they still need analysis and interpretation. Be it digits, graphs, charts, or color-coded figures, every number begs to shape a story and to become the very backbone of an author’s interpretation – an interpretation that may just lead to insightful information or perhaps, purposeful action to achieve a desired outcome.

From quarterly business reviews, forward-looking statements, budgets, to monthly operating reviews to the C-Suite and senior leaders, your prowess and keen intellect in the physician and provider space possesses the ability to use data to manifest a story. A story designed to inspire, strike motivation, optimize, innovate and shape the future of our nation’s health care delivery.

In fact, being a data-guided author makes you a more influential and confident leader to shape a unique story arc showcasing resilience, determination, and several hero moments only a good author can bring to life.

As an association, AAPPR remains committed to ensuring you have the toolkits and instruments needed to create a compelling story that makes you an invaluable asset to your leaders and this industry. Have you compared your organization’s metrics to even just one of the data points on the recent 2022 Benchmark report? How will your story provide you and your efforts a hero moment to becoming a premier destination employer?

Before 2022 ends, take the opportunity to tell the full story, be a talented author, be an industry leader, better you and your organization’s success in hiring exceptional physician and provider talent, and more importantly leave a happy ending with many of your readers smiling.

The End.