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AAPPR Board Corner: Looking Forward to 2022 – Strategic Planning

By: Fayeann Hauer, CPRP
AAPPR Board Member


Greetings and Happy Holidays from the AAPPR Board of Directors!

While we wind down the calendar year 2021, I encourage many of you to take some time to reflect. Reflect with your teams on all of the achievements, growth, and successes that have been fostered this year. The AAPPR board of directors met for a final time in 2021 participating in a 2-day session. The first day we met with leaders from our Strategic Corporate Partners and the task proposed was not simple. Our goal was to foster relationships between and among AAPPR and its Strategic Corporate Partners by sharing our insights and engaging in a robust conversation about our collective abilities to influence this profession and generate growth. This blog could quickly turn into a whitepaper if I notated each beg, brag, or what if that the group worked through. Together, with our Strategic Corporate Partners we also explored ways to elevate our industry. Let us just say many ideas were spurred and thoughtful discussion was had. On Saturday, we wrapped up our sessions with a full agenda. We focused heavily on our strategic plan progress and governance details. Please stay updated in 2022 as we roll out new programming material that are truly ground breaking. We welcome new technology such as our chat app that you can download now by searching Connected Community in the App Store. Please be sure that our annual conference is on your 2022 calendar as you prepare for the New Year. We look forward to seeing many familiar and new faces in-person in April at our Chicago annual conference.

On behalf of the AAPPR Board of Directors we wish you a safe and happy holiday season!