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AAPPR Board Corner – Affiliate Groups Can Be Key to Professional Growth

By: Carrie Galbraith, CPRP
AAPPR Board Member

As a member of the AAPPR Board of Directors, it’s important for members to know that as an organization we fully support all of the regional Affiliate groups and encourage you to become involved with one closest to you.  In thinking back to the whirlwind of my first year as a new physician recruiter, I had so much to learn in a short time.  Nobody goes to school to be a physician recruiter. What stands out from that first year was my predecessor insisting I immediately join the regional ISPR (Illinois Staff Physician Recruiters) and national AAPPR (formerly ASPR) recruiter groups.  After joining, I was quickly welcomed to the industry, provided educational resources, and mentors I could call for help. I hope you could say the same when you joined.

As a solo physician recruiter, I quickly felt a sense of security and inclusion within both organizations. AAPPR provided me with instant access to a huge volume of education, technical tools, and other recruiters. I had a place to find the answers to my questions. Yet it was my affiliate group where I distinctly remember the sense of recruiter community to be unique and memorable. I found that I could easily connect with them personally, due to our geographic familiarity and convenience of meeting together. They knew where my little town was and we often had someone in common, like the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Our meetings and conferences always left me feeling understood and a part of a bigger network.

Today, as a senior recruiter, my affiliate group and AAPPR synergistically allow me to continue grow as a professional. It has provided me with the opportunity to gain leadership experience that is not always available to physician recruiters within their healthcare organization. In my 18 years as a physician recruiter, my affiliate group colleagues are the people with whom I have shared many professional challenges and successes.  When I need advice, they have my back and I have theirs.

The Board and I would like to thank all of the Affiliate group leaders for their time and contributions. They appreciate members who get involved so if you haven’t already engaged with your local group – please consider reaching out.