Redefining Recruitment to Retention

NEJM CareerCenter

The New England Journal of Medicine and NEJM CareerCenter offer a multiplatform strategy to drive candidates and grow employer brand.  We provide clients with access to a high-volume of quality candidates and help bring recruiters closer to their yearly recruitment goals.

At our core, we connect physicians searching for jobs with employers.  But what sets us apart is the ability to extend your message beyond job searching clinicians.  We can help you source candidates who may have never considered a new job until the right opportunity was presented to them (i.e. your jobs!). 

With access to 700,000+ physicians, we are able to leverage our engagement by employing exclusive specialty-targeting technology across our entire NEJM / NEJM Group family of platforms and emails.  Reaching both broad audiences and key physician verticals (residents and physician leaders, among others) results in getting your jobs seen outside of the typical framework of 50,000 job seeking physicians. Enter into the realm of greater opportunity with our digital job widget being shown 5 million times per month!


In addition to candidate pipeline building, by layering on our print and digital employer branding strategies, advertisers have access to the comprehensive tools needed to both connect with physicians and convert them into candidates.  Our suite of branding tactics are built to share your employer value proposition through a wide spectrum of vehicles, including targeted and custom print, site-based digital, email sponsorships and sponsored content – all designed with the distinct goal of aligning your brand with the most trusted name in medicine.

Including the NEJM solution as part of your recruitment roadmap is a robust addition to any plan.  Please reach out to learn more.  We’d love to discuss your goals and how we can best support you!




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