Redefining Recruitment to Retention

AAPPR Revamps Mission, Vision, Values and Goals

The healthcare industry is in a state of constant change, leading to shifts in the requirements, strategies, and optimum practices of recruitment professionals. Given the challenges arising from the national physician shortage, which are increasing pressure, responsibilities, and altering the way we work; it’s necessary for recruitment professionals to collaborate, connect, and share best practices. This collaborative approach is essential for developing innovative processes and workforce strategies, ultimately empowering our organizations to effectively serve our communities. We believe our new mission, vision and values will help address the needs and changes of the industry.

Our Purpose is Providing Access to Care

It is our mission to impact healthcare access through education, research and the elevation of the physician and provider recruitment industry. Through our efforts, we aim to achieve our vision of ensuring everyone has access to health care because there are enough physicians and other providers available to provide this care.

Our Values Drive Our Decisions

Our values are the foundation of everything we do and provide for physician and provider recruitment professionals. Through these values, we give the tools and resources they need to best support their organizations, and to better serve patients in their communities.

  • Respect: We treat each other in a way that shows we care that everyone is heard, seen and valued.
  • Equity: We are committed to fairness.
  • Collaboration: Our impact is greater when we come together to provide solutions.
  • Responsibility: We take seriously our obligation to perform with professionalism as we assist our healthcare communities.
  • Understanding: We take the time to learn about the unique needs of our communities.
  • Inclusion: We can do more, perform better and transform healthcare when everyone’s voice is heard.
  • Trust: We believe patients deserve consistency, competence and caring.

These values guide us as we work to advance the profession and give recruitment professionals a seat at the leadership table.

Our Strategic Imperatives

The seven core values of our association lays the groundwork for our strategic imperatives which guides our efforts and initiatives.

1. Position the expertise of AAPPR and of the industry: We are recognized as an industry leader by healthcare executive level leadership, recruitment professionals, the staffing industry and governmental agencies. As the most sought-after source for data and thought leadership as it relates to the physician and APP workforce, AAPPR improves access to healthcare by shaping the future of recruitment practices and influencing the advancement of the industry.

2. Strengthen the value of membership: We provide members with an engaging and belonging membership experience through networking, career development, certification, and affiliate alignment. We also provide solutions and experiences that are customizable, responsive and adaptable. A strong membership value creates retention and growth, which ultimately advances the knowledge and expertise of the membership to further elevate the industry.

3. Champion a diverse, equitable and inclusive physician and provider workforce: We are an inclusive, diverse community of professionals that bring hiring and retention diversity knowledge to their organizations. Championing a diverse workforce promotes the values of AAPPR, addresses disparities and helps to create equity in health care.

4. Diversify and grow the membership and customer base: We aim to attract a membership, customer base and corporate partners that are representative of the industry and the people within it. Intentional representation in our membership and customer base will bring stability, sustainability and voice with a stronger shared message for the industry to hear.

Our mission, vision, values and strategic imperatives will continue to address the ever-changing needs of the healthcare industry and our recruitment members. Are you interested in seeing or experiencing how our association is implementing these? Learn more about becoming a member or explore our Tools and Resources.