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Industry Experts Report Concerning Physician Recruitment Trends

AAPPR White Paper Reveals Significant Findings

A recent focus group conducted by the Association for Advancing Physician and Provider Recruitment (AAPPR) uncovered troubling themes of operational and physician candidate pipeline challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and exacerbated by weary recruitment leaders and departments met with decreasing funds and limited resources. Findings from the focus group, made up of the nation’s leading physician and provider recruitment experts, are now available in AAPPR’s newly released white paper entitled: From Healthcare’s Front Lines: Industry Experts Sound Alarm on Concerning Physician Recruitment Trends in Coming Months.

The industry white paper indicates significant changes will be required to help address an already depleted and decreasing physician workforce. Industry experts suggest the research findings should serve as an imperative directive to healthcare operational leaders to maintain up-to-date recruitment market intelligence to quickly and successfully pivot both short- and long-term workforce strategies.

“The insights we received in the focus group on trends in physician recruitment in the wake of COVID-19, help shine a light on both new challenges and even some unexpected benefits,” said co-author and AAPPR CEO Carey Goryl, MSW, CAE. “It is our hope that this document may serve as a foothold to better understanding future physician recruitment cycles as competing organizations expand efforts to help stabilize an uncertain physician supply and demand market.”

Specific topics covered in the AAPPR white paper include:

  • Unhealthy Physician Work/Life Balance and Burnout Creates Limited Care for Rural Communities
  • Growing Deficits in Care Delivery Talent and the Pressure Testing of Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements
  • COVID-19 Delta Wave Reveals Growing Technology Gaps with Aged Physician Populations
  • Nimble Organizations Who Maintain Pulse on Market Dynamics Will Prevail
  • And more

“The physician recruitment industry is facing what’s being called, ‘The Great Resignation’ as an increasing number of physicians opt for early retirement citing increasing burnout and an unhealthy work/life balance and the consequences across healthcare will be significant,” said co-author and AAPPR President Emerson R. Moses, MBA, CPRP. “Today’s healthcare organization leaders need to be vigilant in reviewing and revising their onboarding and retention plans to offset continued unanticipated turnover.”

In the latest Physician and Provider Job Satisfaction and Search Report published by AAPPR, a reported 30% of physicians will retire between the ages of 60 to 65. With over one in three respondents from the report considering early retirement because of physician burnout, recruitment leaders are auditing their practices’ physician age demographics and sounding alarming fears of tenured physicians at their organizations expressing exhaustion and frustration. The national focus group also concurred with an earlier survey report that of over half of physician respondents in the market survey (56.72%) are considering or have considered changing employers.

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