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AAPPR Learning Center Update

AAPPR Members –


We’re excited to announce that, in early November, the AAPPR Academy will be launching! The Academy will be the new hub for AAPPR learning, with a more user-friendly experience to track your progress and locate desired webinars. The online CPRP certification course, live and on-demand webinars, resource library, and much more will be included within the Academy platform!

NOTICE: The AAPPR Learning Center will be shut down for a two-week time span from October 19-November 2 due to the data transfer. During this time, members will be unable to watch webinars, upload external CE credit, view CPRP materials or take the exam.

To that end, members will need to pause all online AAPPR education during that data transfer period. If you are currently progressing through the CPRP program, your progress will be transferred to the new AAPPR Academy. You may elect to finish the CPRP course before October 18, but this is not required.

With any questions, please contact