Redefining Recruitment to Retention

AAPPR Board Corner: 2021 Strategic Plan

By: AAPPR Board of Directors

Let’s face it. The past 12 months have forced change on almost everything in the world, including the health care sector and AAPPR.

Perhaps no other time in its nearly 30-year history has AAPPR had a better opportunity to anticipate and accelerate the profound transformation the health care sector and its members will face at every turn from now on. Perhaps no other time in its history has there been a better opportunity for AAPPR to answer ‘why its work matters’ for its members, partners, and health care leaders.


AAPPR convenes industry leaders and experts to help transform the work of its members in the recruitment, onboarding, and retention of physicians and providers


AAPPR gives members insights to address today’s realities and to anticipate tomorrow’s possibilities, providing a physician and provider staffing roadmap to health care leaders and decision-makers

Responsive learning opportunities and resources

AAPPR member education goes well beyond recruitment, onboarding, and retention strategies to address the broader impact member decisions have on their health care providers’ culture, brand, community, and growth

Peer networks

AAPPR members share experiences and best practices to meet emerging trends

A robust and diverse suite of certifications

AAPPR members have the opportunity for ongoing professional development that best meets their needs

New revenue streams

AAPPR assures its long-term sustainability and partnership with members, and the industry, regardless of challenges that may lie ahead

Brand building

AAPPR raises the voice and visibility of its members to key stakeholders, including the C-Suite, physicians, providers, and other partners, as it takes the lead in redefining the recruitment to retention continuum while affirming its vision of health care transformed in our communities.

AAPPR’s mission, ‘empowering industry experts through education, research, and engagement’ is what AAPPR does and is the foundation that drives the Association’s current strategic imperatives:

  • Maxime value to members
  • Diversify the revenue stream

As the leading voice in the physician and provider recruitment continuum, AAPPR and its members are too often only identified for what they do rather than why they do it. Too often, the focus tends to be on the tactical aspects of recruitment and retention rather than

  • the strategic thinking that is critical in recruiting the right talent, in the right way, at the right time
  • onboarding talent in a manner that shortens the time between inquiry and impact
  • retaining leading talent that addresses capacity needs of today while creating capacity growth for tomorrow

AAPPR embraces the change that is occurring and most certain to continue. AAPPR’s Board sets the foundation to further redefine the recruitment to retention continuum.