Redefining Recruitment to Retention

Introducing the Association for Advancing Physician and Provider Recruitment

Redefining the recruitment to retention continuum starts with new members, services, programs, alignment, and name.


After a year-long disciplined and strategic process that included input from hundreds of members, partners and other stakeholders, the Association for Advancing Physician and Provider Recruitment, or AAPPR, has been introduced as the new name for the organization formerly known as the Association of Staff Physician Recruiters, or ASPR.  The announcement was made by AAPPR Board President, Frank Gallagher to attendees at the annual AAPPR Conference held recently in Orlando, FL.

“The board started this journey many months ago,” said Gallagher.  “For years, we heard from membership that ASPR represented what our members had become but not what they are becoming.  There was hardly a word in the old name that continued to reflect the environment that those of us in the profession work in every day.”

Lynne Peterson, the incoming President of the Board of Directors, is quick to add that changing the name is just the beginning of the brand evolution for the organization, “The new brand identity is just one aspect of creating a more dynamic and relevant brand to support our members and the work that they do.  Beyond the name and logo, members will find new services, resources and stronger partnerships that will help them in their profession and, help them have more visibility with every level in their organizations – including the C-Suite.”

Peterson points out that the positioning tag line for AAPPR is intentional to address the changing environment in which members work.  The new tag line is Redefining Recruitment to Retention.

Defining the Unique Perspective of AAPPR Members 

Part of the new brand positioning has been a focus on differentiating AAPPR members from third-party recruiters.  One of the key differences is that AAPPR members start the physician and provider recruitment process at a different place and have a different perspective – from inside the health care setting.  AAPPR members work at the organizations for whom they’re recruiting.  They are part of the culture, know the culture and have an intimate knowledge to share with candidates.

“AAPPR members not only start the process at a different place, they start the process earlier – knowing not just what is needed in terms of a physician or provider, but also knowing why they are needed,” said Peterson.

Membership Expansion

Supporting the new brand and positioning of the Association also includes a focus to open membership to any one working for health care providers who influence the recruitment to retention activities of physicians and providers.  Current membership totals nearly 2,000 professionals who lead, or are directly engaged in the recruiting, onboarding, and retention of physicians and providers.

“The idea of being the Association for anyone who influences the recruitment, onboarding, or retention process in a health care setting is nothing new – it’s been in the Association’s mission statement since its inception,” said Carey Goryl, AAPPR CEO.

“It’s evident in our current membership that we’re attracting a wide array of titles and roles from a wide array of health care settings – title, roles and settings that are very different today than those of 30 years ago.”  Goryl cited the insights from members who participated in focus groups during last year’s Annual Conference confirmed the diversity of member titles and roles.

Alignment with stakeholders

Another key aspect of the new branding effort is the reshaping and structure of the regional and affiliate organizations.  In the past, alignment between these groups and the Association has been disjointed.  With these new efforts, these groups are now appropriately aligned in brand, and structure, with AAPPR.

The regional groups are now known as AAPPR Affiliates, remaining independent but supported by AAPPR in a variety of ways including a stronger use of AAPPR’s brand identity.  The Academic In-house Recruiters (AIR) and the Onboarding and Retention (OAR) entities are now Shared Interest Groups (SIGs).  Leadership for both these groups have already begun to transition their brand identities to align with AAPPR and, the SIGs will benefit from the fact that all AAPPR members can choose to become part of AIR and/or OAR with no additional membership dues.

Raising the voice of members

Yet another key element features AAPPR’s expanded strategic communications efforts – efforts that will support current members, help attract new members and, create a stronger, more visible and consistent voice for AAPPR with other key stakeholders inside, and outside, health care settings.  AAPPR’s new website ( features the new branding and new resources.

“We have aligned every touchpoint the Association has with members and other stakeholders with a consistent brand identity and voice,” said Goryl.  She also mentioned the Annual Benchmarking report is being totally refreshed to become a more meaningful tool for membership.

AAPPR will elevate the visibility of the Association’s members through the ongoing implementation of an integrated marketing and communications campaign that may include targeted advertising, exhibiting at key partner conferences, social media, public relations and more.  This effort will help elevate the impact AAPPR members make for their organizations among key internal audiences including the C-Suite and the many different physicians and providers they recruit.

Redefining recruitment to retention

“Our members help their organizations succeed in so many ways,” said President-Elect Peterson.  “While their role is to recruit, onboard and retain physicians and providers, their efforts accomplish so much more – including increasing revenue and helping build their organization’s brand in the community they serve.

The Association’s new brand represents members and other influencers in the health care sector, both individually and collectively, who are working toward moving their profession forward – advancing their work, visibility, credibility – all in an effort to be the leading voice on behalf of physician and providers and their communities.


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