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Redefining Recruitment to Retention

What is AAPPR?

The Association for Advancing Physician and Provider Recruitment (AAPPR) is redefining recruitment to retention and is the only professional organization where physician and provider recruitment leaders and others who influence recruitment, onboarding and retention can connect, learn and advance their careers.

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"You can’t put a price tag on the value of networking with your AAPPR peers! "
— Kate Rader Director School of Medicine Faculty Recruitment, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
"AAPPR provides an excellent space for networking and building relationships with peers, as well as developing a better understanding of how to do our jobs at our highest potential."
— Cressa Coldsmith Provider Recruiter, Summit Health
"I believe the AAPPR membership is extremely valuable to the success of my job as a Physician Recruiter. The online assistance, the networking and the educational opportunities are amazing. I wouldn’t be the recruiter I am, without AAPPR."
— Robin Schiffer, CPRP Director Physician Recruitment & Public Relations, OhioHealth MedCentral Hospitals
"I always enjoying the networking and relationship building that takes place at AAPPR. It is great to be part of a like minded community!"
— Stephanie Jackson, CPRP Physician Recruiter, Reliant Medical Group

AAPPR Board Corner: Achieving Balance in Physician Recruitment: Strategies for the Busy Summer Season

By: Stephanie D. Wright, MSA, CMPE, CPRP   In the busy summer season for Physician Recruitment, it’s crucial to find a balance between productivity and well-being. Work-life balance is not just a trendy term; it’s essential for maintaining high performance and preventing burnout in this fast-paced industry. Here are some effective strategies for maintaining balance, […]


Four Ways Recruitment Professionals Can Support DE&I in Healthcare

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) play an important role in healthcare providers’ ability to deliver care that meets their communities’ needs. Building a diverse healthcare system starts with the provider recruitment professionals, their strategies and their processes. With DE&I embedded in workforce strategies, recruitment professionals can help foster more inclusive, representative hiring practices and ultimately, […]


Three Key Takeaways from AAAPR’s 2024 Annual Conference

AAPPR’s annual conference, Advancing Connections, took place March 24-27 in Virginia Beach and brought together more than 1,000 recruitment professionals, sponsors and exhibitors to discuss important topics in physician and provider recruitment. The conference included educational keynote presentations, breakout sessions and roundtable discussions from healthcare leaders and featured discussions on various trending topics including diversity, […]


AAPPR Board Corner: Together We Thrive: A Personal Invitation to Grow with AAPPR

By: Aisha DeBerry, MBA, CPRP-DEI   In the heart of healthcare, where every recruitment decision can touch countless lives, lies an incredible opportunity—not just for professional growth, but for genuine connection and mutual support. It’s in this spirit that I want to talk about our journey at AAPPR and how we’re not just navigating this […]


Defining the Physician and Provider Recruitment Continuum

The process of recruiting physicians and advanced practice providers is highly nuanced. Recruitment professionals must leverage broad skills to attract, hire, and retain clinical talent. Did you know this process has a formal name? At the Association for Advancing Physician and Provider Recruitment, we refer to it as the Recruitment Continuum. By definition, a continuum […]


How Strategic Recruitment Drives ROI

During such a challenging time for recruitment professionals, with ongoing physician shortages and increased provider turnover, it may be difficult to take a strategic approach to recruitment, rather than just doing whatever it takes to fill an opening. Recruitment may seem as simple as filling an open position, but when done right, it can be […]


Five Retention Strategies to Implement Today

The cost of provider turnover can amount to hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars in lost revenue. Retaining top talent in a competitive provider recruitment market is more important than ever. Here are five strategies your organization can implement today. Review Your Onboarding Process  A positive onboarding experience can be critical to a […]


AAPPR Board Corner: Elevating Patient Care through Diversity in Healthcare Recruitment & Retention

By: Stephanie D. Wright, MSA, CMPE, CPRP   Diversity in the healthcare workforce is not just an ethical goal but a strategic necessity that improves patient care and advances community health. Healthcare providers from diverse backgrounds are better equipped to identify and address disparities in healthcare outcomes, offering culturally sensitive care that meets the needs […]


Setting Yourself Apart: Why Professional Certifications Matter

You have been working as a provider recruitment professional for a few years. While you know what the job entails; just how deeply do you understand your role? How well do you know the roles others play in your success? How confidently do you represent physician and provider recruitment when working with the C-suite? Reviewing […]